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Navigating your child's career path together

Discover tools and insights to guide, support, and empower your child’s career aspirations, every step of the way.

At Beyond we understand what it means to be a parent of a high school student

We bring together all the resources and tools you will need to provide the best support to your child as they start their study and career exploration journey. Join BEYOND to access a library of resources for you, such as: explanatory videos of the university application process, advice on career pathways and student wellbeing tips.

All resources can be filtered by State to ensure that the tools you are accessing are relevant to your child.

Features for parents

Support your child by understanding Year 10 subject selection and the difference between ATAR and non-ATAR pathways

Provide emotional support and improve communication

Learn about university entrance and get advice on entry pathwways

Help your child get their first job or learn about apprenticeship options

Exam survival and support – delve into a library full of FREE resources designed to help you help your child


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